St. Petersburg, Russia – March 2017. Way

Substratum, photo essay by Natalia Yakovleva

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile I was once again following my usual route in a typical park of suburbs all of a sudden I found myself standing and gazing at a crack in a pavement.
As I watched grey layer of asphalt gradually turning into soil or vice versa the park itself ceased being something manmade or natural, instead starting to seem as a single system. And this system appeared to me as a system of elements integrating and crumbling , creating new entities, though at the same time there existed certain unity of movement, flow and transformation. In that shift of the shape they’d been losing their differences and contrasts and turned into indefinite substratum for an instant and reincarnated again.
I wanted to examine all that closer , to understand whether the lowest, fundamental layer of reality exists or that simply was an eternal quest for the starting point, intrinsic to human nature.

(by Natalia Yakovleva)

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