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Batumi, Georgia – September 2016. Paradise

Sanctuary, photo essay by Natalia Gordeeva

Every time when losing last hope and faith, detached from being and dip into frustration, I yield to the growing premonition of the ending. When depression comes, I close my eyes, take a deep breathe and set off. I know the journey will be tough and dangerous. But I must follow the white rabbit and go for answers to the questions which have tortured me for so long. The region I go to is alive and vibrant, it obeys its own principles, and every time I enter the path, i feel excited about new experience and new secrets awaiting for me. There is enough space for me to hide and live through the approaching Apocalypse. And I have to discover all the treasures and solve the puzzles to find tranquelity i have sought for so long.

(by Natalia Gordeeva)

St. Petersburg, Russia – April 2016. Lost city
Zelenogorsk, Russia – April 2017. Circle
Zelenogorsk, Russia – March 2017. Silence
Zelenogorsk, Russia – April 2017. Abandoned house
Peterhof, Leningrad oblast, Russia – March 2017. Foggy forest
Zelenogorsk, Russia – April 2017. Shell
Kronstadt, Leningrad oblast, Russia – April 2017. Curtain
Zelenogorsk, Russia – March 2017. Premonition
Peterhof, Leningrad oblast, Russia – March 2017. Armour
Kronstadt, Leningrad oblast, Russia – April 2017. Prize
Kronstadt, Leningrad oblast, Russia – April 2017. Memories

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Natalia Gordeeva

I am Russian photographer (b. 1984, Krasnodar), experimenting with genres of documentary and art photography. Since 2015 living and working in St. Petersburg.

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