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Photo Exhibition

Paz Errázuriz “A poetics of the human”

© Paz Errázuriz

3 July – 24 September 2017. At the atelier de la mécanique in Arles. More info…

Paz Errázuriz began her career as an autodidact under Pinochet’s dictatorship in the 1970s. Co-founder of the Independent Photographer’s Association, she used black and white portraits to denounce the dictator, as well as the social dictates which condemned individuals and groups to a marginalisation that rendered them invisible. From the beginning, her work, which is in the social documentary genre, expressed a creative energy, and an insatiable curiosity for the human race. Her works broke many of the taboos of the society deprived of liberty that Chili was before the restoration of democracy. In her militant photography, Paz Errázuriz shows Chili’s troubled past, and exhaustively explores her country, making visible what society failed to see. Both chronological and thematic, the exhibition brings together around 150 prints from the 1970s to today.

Paz Errázuriz (born in Santiago, Chile, 1944) has published books including El Infarto del Alma (1993), La Manzana de Adán (1989), Kawésqar: Hijos de la Mujer Sol (2005), Amalia (1973), and Paz Errázuriz, fotografía 1982–2002 (2004). In 1981, she cofounded the Asociación de Fotógrafos Independientes (AFI).

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