Bucuresti Nord

Waiting for the Romanian royal family arriving onboard the royal train. Bucharest North, 2013.

Bucuresti Nord, photo essay by Alex Tomazatos

Bucharest North was started by chance when I took someone to the train, one July evening. The blue dusk light mixed with the lights dangling above the platforms intrigued me that evening. I returned the next day, but the colors that attracted me a night before were nowhere.

This place has always had a constant presence in my mind. The media contributed a lot during the years to the collection of urban stories and prejudices woven around the biggest train terminal in the country, a place where almost anyone who “comes from the province” passes through at least once. Always bustling with life, a vortex of mixtures for all five senses. Pretty girls, bored policemen, dubious types, transvestites, students, junkies, pilgrims, commuters. People come, people go, some everyday, some loose the train forever and never leave, as if the train station is enchanted, “magic” as a man one day told me.

What is to become of this small project, that I don’t know. It is a personal curiosity, that on most occasions takes me far out from my comfort zone, especially in approaching what I want to photograph. It’s a place that imposes skepticism and awareness, but where I can let go of circumspection when the lights are out, the smell is heavy and I must rely on hearing more than usual.

(by Alex Tomazatos)


Alex Tomazatos

Alex Tomazatos ( was born December 22nd 1988 at Sulina, Romania. I have a degree in biology from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (2010), and now I’m studying for M.Sc. at the same university. Currently I alternate locations between the city of Iasi where I study and my home town, Sulina, documenting a man-driven crisis of environment, cultural identity and communist reminiscences among others. My main work in Romania is around “Homeland”, recording the downfall of a personal paradise – Danube Delta.  This has kept me busy for last few years and I hope it will do the same in the future.

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