Wandering amidst the urban jungle

Wandering amidst the urban jungle, photo essay by Jit Rakshit

From the very beginning of my photographic journey, I was mesmerized by the patterns & layers nature offered and in the process of growing up, I realized that, these intricate patterns/layers can be captured most effectively when I shot in absence of colors, otherwise the burst of colors in the frames takes precedence over them.

As I grown up in an urban landscape, for me the touch of nature always comes by being alone in a secluded corner of the nearby lakes or parks or sitting under a tree of Maidan (The largest urban park of Kolkata famously known as ‘Lungs of Kolkata’) and being there I wondered about the beauty and the calmness of surrounding.

For this series, I tried to capture these patterns of the nature across all the seasons, intertwined with the human-nature interactions.

(by Jit Rakshit)

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