The First Bird, Russia, Ulyanovka - April 2017
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The First Bird, Russia, Ulyanovka – April 2017

Voidness, photo essay by Maria Kokunova

This project has become a visual expression of my journey to the motherhood: an embarrassing experience of carrying a baby in a womb and giving a birth to it. On my way to becoming a mother I was observing how my perception of the reality was changing, how something born by the nature itself, something wild and powerful had been awoken somewhere deep inside me. I had witnessed how an amazing feeling of being a part of some purely natural and well-regulated process had been developing. I started to spend more time in the country, which helped me to listen to myself, get ready for bringing a new life into the world and meeting it.

(by Maria Kokunova)

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PRIVATE photo review - photographers and writers
Maria Kokunova
the authorMaria Kokunova
Was born in 1983 in Armavir, Krasnodar Territory, Russia. Graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University (Russia), 2000-2005. Exhibitions (Solo shows): 2014 Art centre Borey, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; 2015 Fotofestival PFF, Saint-Petersburg - (Group Shows) 2014 Fotofestival PFF, Saint-Petersburg; 2014 Best of Russia, WINZAVOD CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART, Moscow; 2014 group show in The State Historical Museum of Moscow (The Union of Photo Artists of Russia). Awards: 2014 Shortlist of Moscow International Foto Awards; 2014 Historical Museum of Moscow and the Union of Photo Artists of Russia, Moscow; 2014 Best of Russia, Moscow. Publications: 12/2014 Foto&Video.

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