Russia, Alushta – Jul 2016

Riot, photo essay by Yulia Artemyeva

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]iot, a storm of passion, being ready to change everything at once, break the routine of your life, rarely takes extreme forms. In good families with comfortably well-raised children, there is no place for revolutions, scandals, or sabotage of parents’ will. They will get quiet, decent teenagers, walking around like shadows, self-contained and shunning from any social contact.

Any attempt to talk to them on the part of an adult becomes an interrogation. Any suggestion of going out with family is seen as personality abuse. Trust, which is supposed to be granted to a parent a priori, is vanished. Should we try to earn it again and again? Or is it better to let the rebellion calm down naturally?
What is going on inside our children’s minds? No one knows. Uncharted worlds flourish there, where they can do whatever they please. Time flows differently there, and every day lasts longer than a century. Only there, inside, the rebellion against parents’ will rises and ripes, sweeping the old life away and cleaning some space for a new one, unexplored, creepy and beautiful – the child’s turning into an adult.

(by Yulia Artemyeva)