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ZONA, photo essay by Nuno Moreira

ZONA plunges deeply into the unconscious by visually giving form to recurrent dreams and explorations on interior landscapes.
ZONA was choreographed from scratched and based on different sketches and diaries by the author. Similar to theater or even cinema, this live-performance was motivated by a series of dreams that were afterwards manifested in different artworks and in a single day-shooting that resulted in a singular book.

ZONA was a project conceived while the author was living in Japan and we see a shift from the photographers’s point of view by getting closer to a personal subject matter: thoughts, dreams, archetypes, psyche: the unknown. ZONA is an attempt to look into these dark corners of the human mind and give them shape through pictures. Like all good mysteries there’s enough ambiguity for the viewer to bring their own imagination into play. The resulting work is a sensuous interior journey. A silent and by all means obscure set of photographs that asks to be discovered time and again.

(by Nuno Moreira)

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Nuno Moreira

Nuno Moreira (1982), photographer and art director from Lisbon. His projects take the form of photography, design, photo-montage and installation. He has exhibited solo… More »

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