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The Audiences

Bandung, Indonesia – Maret 2017

The Audiences, photo essay by Tomi Saputra

Madness at a show, merely not only happened on the stage, oftenly the atmosphere in front of the stage is much more thrilling than the idols who are performing their best. The audiences could be more wild as the beat of the rhythm of the music is played, or they could be wait long enough in the rain to release the longing to the idols.

(by Tomi Saputra)

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Tomi Saputra

Tomi Saputra, born in Lintau, West Sumatera Province in 1 January 1990, at his childhood very interested in literature, when attended senior high school he began to know photography in 2005 along with the vga camera on the symbian phone started to become popular. in 2010, while he studied visual communication design at "Universitas Komputer Indonesia" (UNIKOM) bandung, he got involved more serious in photography. In 2016, he achieved EyeEm award 2016, finalist for the category The Photojournalism, the chosen work at this event was showed in an exhibition in Berlin, Germany and became the part of year book of the EyeEm Award 2016 event.

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