Love on The Street

Bandung, Indonesia – March 2017. Hold my hand

Love on The Street, photo essay by Jefry Kurniawan

Love is a unique gift of God because love can make everyone laugh, smile and even cry. Everyone has his own love story. The existence of love makes us learn to understand the couple and learn to accept any shortcomings of the couple. Love teaches us to be both not to be ambiguous.

(by Jefry Kurniawan)

Happy with you
Wait a minute, I’m replying to a message
With you
Those who have a partner
Make memories
Enjoy the evening with partner
Walk together
I always beside you
Bandung, Indonesia – May 2017. Capture the moment with partner
Me and you
I can see your text messages


Jefry Kurniawan

Jefry Kurniawan (1991), I'm just a person who likes street photography.

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