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Photo Exhibition

Julia Borissova – Running to the Edge

©Julia Borissova / Running to the Edge

Photo exhibition: Julia Borissova – Running to the Edge
Venue: Photographic museum Metenkov’s House, Russia
from 02/05/2017 to 02/07/2017, 10:00 – 17:00 | Mon – Fri

JULIA BORISSOVA appeals to eclectic visual material in her projects – both to archival photos and private diaries found in flea markets, as well to her own drawings and photographs. Using a number of pictures, she transforms them into new images, working with the method of collage in its various incarnations.

©Julia Borissova / Running to the Edge

Borissova’s projects are a kind of “theater of memory” where, trying to overcome the ephemeral nature of human memories, the author contemplates real stories and blends documentary elements with fiction.
The characters of the artist’s works are the images of anonymous emigrants of the first-wave post-revolutionary Russia; the tragic figure of Olga Spesivtseva, prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theater; the Lithuanian-American pilots Stiaponas Darius and Stasis Girenas who tried to set a new world record by flying over the Atlantic into Eastern Europe and died under mysterious circumstances, and the almost mystical face of the murdered Tsarevich Dimitry, the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible.

The exhibition “Running to the Edge” combines the five projects of artist and include photography, collages, installations and photo books.
Curator – Anastasia Bogomolova

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Julia Borissova

Julia Borissova was born in Tallinn, Estonia. She lives in St. Petersburg (Russia), where she graduated from the program "Photography as a research", 2011-2013, Foundation 'FotoDepartament'. She had exposed in national and international solo and group shows. She is author of several art-books. Julia Borissova employs a greater variety of photographic techniques and styles. Her interest is in the conceptual side of the work.

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