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Human Minds of Waikiki

Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii-March 2017. The old Waikiki beach boys.

Human Minds of Waikiki, photo essay by Shafkat Anowar

Waikiki, one of the oldest beachfront neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Over there people happen to love the beach whereas I love capturing them and their activities. Often I am deskbound to my studies; I do what millions of others do i.e. try to escape. I try to avoid not to engage myself in video games nor by doing any other jobs, rather I catch the no.13 bus towards the beach, Waikiki Beach. On the very first step on the streets of Kuhio Avenue, I see a diversion consisting of races, cultures and human minds but their goal tends to remain the same which is to enjoy the present and be happy.

Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii-January 2017. A sunset of relishing moment.
Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii-April 2017. Catching the Sun.
Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii-November 2016. A bit of surrealism.

One of the most common elements in Waikiki area are the tourists who happen to find themselves on paradise; more detailed “paradise on earth.” Walking on Kalakaua Avenue in I see the tourists enjoying their heart out, living each day as it’s their last. This kind of emotion and passion among them helps me to create my picture. In addition to that, I also see the homeless people engaged in intrapersonal communication and remaining lost in the mist of hope. While some people enjoy themselves tanning on the beach, playing with the waves, surfing high; while others were seen cherish the seafood by the street restaurants or relishing the sunset at the end of the day. Whatever their background or reason towards coming to Waikiki is, I find myself surrounded by human faces and their stories and lastly their urge towards enjoying the moment and remain happy.

Living at the edge of Pacific, I consider myself blessed in a sense that I can observe such a varied beach culture and explore people. Apart from the green landscape beauty in Hawaii, the most amusing subject to me is people’s lifestyle.

(by Shafkat Anowar)

Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii-October 2016. The Waikiki ghost of Halloween Night.
Waikiki, Honolulu,Hawaii-March 2017. The friends from the Waikiki Fireworks.
Waikiki, Honolulu,Hawaii-June 2016. Corporate Culture VS Surfing Culture
Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii- May 2017. Michael seems to have a good connection with the sea on his Hawaii Vacation.
Waikiki, Honolulu,Hawaii-September 2016. Homeless Hawaii from the Waikiki Streets.
Waikiki, Honolulu,Hawaii-June 2016. Crazy in Love.
Waikiki, Honolulu,Hawaii-December 2016. Madness of 31st Night.
Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii-May 2017. The sketch on the beach talks about the whole aspect.


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Shafkat Anowar

Born (1996) and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh, I am currently an undergrad student in University of Hawaii Kapiolani Community College. My aim is to complete my Associate degree from Kapiolani Community College by 2018 and get into a four years University to complete my B.A in Mass Communication. To me, photography is to communicate. Interact with people, and letting the people talk through his photos. I am an emerging photographer, trying to learn basic compositions of photography and desiring for a stable position as a photojournalist.

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