Circle of Eternity

Circle of Eternity by Terry O’Neal

in high regard
I hold him
his excellence emerges
from many places
untold faces of wisdom
deep-rooted in the earth
fresh soil yielding crops of love
and jagged edged tenderness
the wintry, cold mists
resting upon the shoulders of
thirty mountain tops

solid character:
vast depth, soaring height—
stunning beauty of a man
of black serpentine
1,960 markings carefully etched
tell a narrative –
a reflection of past sufferings,
passion and his purpose—
aesthetic expressions draw me nearer

ancient bond between souls
fastened by the Sun
between verses
h/e is
the main clause
completing my fragmented thoughts—
in all his splendor
standing         alone
he makes a thunderous statement:
hear him roar

he is strong
beyond existence
I have loved him
like a circle
infinite is he–
together we
are one

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Terry a O'Neal

Bestselling author, Terry a O’Neal, whose poetry has been published in numerous magazines, journals and newspapers around the world has been named among the most popular African American female writers of our time. Currently, she is an instructor of English, literature, and communications in higher education in the United States.

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