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The Balkan Route – Them

Idomeni, Greece 2016, Refugees en route to Europe.

The Balkan Route – Them, photo essay by Valeria Gradizzi

Millions of people fleeing from their homes, forced to flee from war and persecution scenarios, looking only for freedom. With the certainty that in Europe, a value like freedom is easy to reach.

But Europe awaits them, disappoint them, raise the corner of the mat and tries to hide everything, with sometimes violent methods. Rise the walls, to delimit an inside and outside, without having well understood, who has the right to stay in and who out. A Europe ranking, this immense migration as a problem of public order, a sorting problem and not as a serious problem, which instead appears. “THEM”, just as we perceive them through the media. Migrants, people far from us, different, with whom willingly or unconsciously we can not identify ourselves. With Their problems and basic needs, fenced behind a complicated network of fears. We have heard many cries, saw many images that have taken my breath away, images of pain and disease. It can tell in another way, without invading with a camera, those shy glimpses of dignity, built by living with thousand of strangers, behind a fence. You can tell whispering, by starting a wireless phone that you do not see the end.

(by Valeria Gradizzi)

Sid, Serbia 2015, Women walk to the border with Croatia
Croatia, Border 2015, Border Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia 2017, Refugees still in the Belgrade station.

Idomeni, Greece 2016, Child waiting the permission for pass the border
Belgrade, Serbia 2017, Refugees living in the station.
Sid, Serbia 2016, Border.
Idomeni, Greece 2016, Refugee camp, light a fire to keep warm.
Idomeni, Greece 2016, Refugee camp.
Idomeni, Greece 2016, Women and children have to go to the borders in Europe.
Idomeni, Greece 2016, Macedonian police stops with gas Refugees.


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Valeria Gradizzi

Valeria Gradizzi is a photographer from Verona. His passion has always been the photographic report characterized by strong social themes. Winner of numerous awards, she is currently working on a photographic project about Middle Eastern Sufi women.

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