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Sluggish zoo

Sluggish zoo, photo essay by Arif Sahroni

The zoo is actually becoming a crowded place and full of joy, but there are other things that I felt when visiting Bandung zoo on Sunday January 22, 2017, I felt a sluggishness that is visible from the animals, visitors, and the empty cages that have been unused.
Very different from the atmosphere of the zoo when I was a kid, a lot of rides that can be enjoyed, such as riding an elephant, a camel, pose with the orangutans, and other children of his game.
On that date the zoo duo feels very lonely no more interactive activities between visitors and animals, there is only a cage in the content beast looks very sluggish.

(by Arif Sahroni)


Arif Sahroni

Arif Sahroni (1991), civil engineer, amateur photographer from Bandung.

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