Life, Liberty and a Pursuit

Life, Liberty and a Pursuit by Terry O’Neal

let me be free to live
to dream, to love
to write this poem
without censorship nor
political correct/ness
fearless of judgment
by you or anyone else
who may not approve

let my voice be bold
to lift chins of the young
glisten eyes of the wise
and ring old wooden bells
far off within the bronzed shadows
of Egypt

let me be rhyme
care/less/ly prancing
from sheet to sheet
consciousness to consciousness
mixing among the dearly loved
black poets of the 1920’s – Harlem, Chicago
and a small place somewhere
in Missouri

let my spirit soar un/bound
wander across ancient lands
tread barefoot along the bridge
above the Rhine, shaking hands
with kindred spirits
whom I’ve met along the way
on my pursuit
verse by verse
growing young
as the day