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International Photo Festival

The Festival of Political Photography 2017: Post-Food

© Tim Franco. From the series Metamorpolis.

From Friday 3/2/2017 until Saturday 29/4/2017 at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Finland. More info…

About PVF
Given its documentary nature, photographic art has an unique opportunity to be at the forefront of politically conscious art. In the context of art, the subjective, aesthetic and emotional qualities of photographs become emphasized and they impact the viewer in many ways. The interface between photographic art and photojournalism can sometimes be almost invisible. Between the two, there is an unknown gray area and photographs that challenge to be looked at in new ways. For this reason, the Festival of Political Photography was born.

The Festival of Political Photography is a three-year research project on photographic art. The festival is not an one weekend or week-long event, but rather, a continuous and open forum for exhibiting and discussing politically conscious photographs. During the project, we will examine ways of influencing with photographs and we will seek to define what the word ”political” means in connection to photography and what makes a photograph political?

The festival will bring forth the voices and experiences of photographers in whose work active participation is essential. During the festival, we will discuss their motives and hear what their work in practice entails. The festival also provides support for photographers with project planning, technical resources, as well as with finding suitable distribution channels.
The Festival of Political Photography also invites the audience to participate in the discussion and to influence with images. The public programme of the festival includes photographic exhibitions, discussions, workshops and meetings with artists.


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