Blurring and Motion

Blurring and Motion, photo essay by Muhammad Hidayat

This is a collection of some of the photos taken in 2016, in which I tried to record and freeze some photographs in public areas in several places with a street photography style and a blurring and motion approach.

The photographs, which very simply emphasize the style to take pictures, give a touch of imagination and depth of flavor that emerges from a process of reasoning or thinking that departed from observation and how to look at a masterpiece.

In my understanding, photography is an art. If we are talking about the art, it is very deep understanding. I infer that photography is an art of expression through which we can express the intent, ideas, feelings to produce an image.

Play with your imagination.

Imagination means the power of thought to imagine or create images (paintings, picture, etc…). It means we can take the premise that the imagination is one of the powers of mind that enables us to imagine or describe something. Well here is something I implemented into a photograph.

The basis of this kind of thinking makes me very interested to see that photography has an essence that is much broader and deeper than just focused and fixated on the technical in general, this leads me to produce and enjoy and love the style photographed with blurring and motion.

(by Muhammad Hidayat)