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All Over, The Plaza’s time’s up

Bandung, Indonesia – November 2016. A Rain Splash.

All Over, The Plaza’s time’s up, photo essay by Bani Gusti Dasanovendra

Alun-Alun Bandung is the place i do love to visit. Being the city centre, personally i like to enjoy the atmosphere of strangers and environment united, mingle with city hospitality.

One day, while going there on a night, i felt a different atmosphere. people and surroundings were no longer fused. They were like the unexpected state of ‘all over’ (ended, un- everywhere, repeated).

On that night, everything hugely transformed. The rain came, people rushed away, surroundings unseen, and things was left behind. Euphoria was gone in a sudden. The plaza just became the place for passing by. Everyone was being unaware, like buried in thought their day is about to an end.

“All Over” captures moments of what i said Alun-Alun’s time’s up. the solitude side of the place in my point of view, a playground which missing their players and audiences, antagonist role of the situation, and even imaginary things from the environment.

At the end, i’m wondering, what if the scene were repeated every night, over and all over. Does it still become the same place, personally?

(by Bani Gusti Dasanovendra)

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