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Easton Nights – The Small Hours

I want to Be a Bike
“I want to Be a Bike” – Taken in spring 2016 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

Easton Nights – The Small Hours, photo essay by Peter Ydeen

Over the last winter Peter Ydeen has been photographing at night in the Easton Pennsylvania area. Starting with images of George Tice’s elegant night shots in mind, it soon matured into much more than he had expected. The night has it’s own visual rules, it’s own color wheel, and it’s own ethereal presence. City lighting is meant to light up objects in much the same way you would light a still life or a stage set. Coupled with the pink light emitted by the odd sodium vapor street lights, Easton becomes a silent city of lit stages, all in unreal color and shadow.

The silent and empty geometry with its decades of formation create a character and animism. The project is both addictive and cathartic, and what started as an exercise, became an interaction with the quiet shapes and exotic lights in this offbeat city.

(by Peter Ydeen)

Vogue Couture – Paris, Pennsylvania
“Vogue Couture – Paris, Pennsylvania” – Taken in April 2016 in Easton, Pennsylvania. The title is a take on Wim Wenders “Paris Texas”.
Two Junipers and a Billboard
“Two Junipers and a Billboard” – Taken in November 2016 in Easton Pennsylvania in front of the old Dixie Cup Factory.
Moon over Makoto
“Moon over Makoto” – Taken in February 2016 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. A beautiful moon over a Japanese Steak House.
Railroad Crossing
“Railroad Crossing” – Taken in October 2016 in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.
ICE and a Plum Tomato
“ICE and a Plum Tomato” – Taken in March 2016 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. An abandoned corner grocery with plum tomato scribbled on the wall and a nice colored window above.
“Utopia” – Taken in January 2016 in Easton Pennsylvania. Utopia hits reality in America. This is Northampton Street, the main street in Easton. Complete with the American flag.
“Valero” – Taken in March 2016 in Easton, Pennsylvania. A local gas station that also fixes and sells old cars.
A Red Truck with Matching Trash and Chair
“A Red Truck with Matching Trash and Chair” – Taken in November 2016 in Phillipsburg New Jersey. Everything matches in this photo, with a nice yellow light on the porch as well.
Coming Home
“Coming Home” – Taken in Allentown, Pennsylvania in September 2016. A look under a bridge which reveals someone’s hidden front door.
Freemansburg Avenue
“Freemansburg Avenue” – Taken in May 2016 in Easton, Pennsylvania. A misting dawn on an Easton Avenue.
Jordon Supply
“Jordon Supply” – Taken in September 2016 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. A meat distributor’s back door.

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Peter Ydeen

Peter Ydeen (1957) studied painting and sculpture at Virginia Tech, under Ray Kass, (BA), Brooklyn College under Alan D'Arcangelo and Robert Henry, (MFA Fellowship) and at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture with visiting artists, Francesco Clemente, Judy Pfaff, William Wegman, Mark Di Suvero and others. After studies, Peter made his way in a variety of jobs, including set construction, lighting, illustrations, architectural modeling working in architecture, stage, advertising and film. Later, after marrying his wife Mei li, they opened a gallery in New York City selling African, Chinese and Tibetan sculpture. Over the last several years Peter has concentrated on photography where he is able to use the many years spent learning to see.

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