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Friendly Visit

Lanzhou, China - new city district in construction
Lanzhou, China – new city district in construction.

Friendly Visit, photo essay by Patryk Karbowski

Chinese government, alongside country’s economical and political status, works on its external image. This project is an effect of cooperation between China and Poland’s Adam Mickiewicz Institute. The residency was carefully prepared by the Chinese People’s Association For Friendship with Foreign Countries.
Their goal, as we read on the website, is “carrying out all-directional, multi-level and broad-area people-to-people friendship work to serve the great cause of China’s peaceful development and reunification and contribute to the building of a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity.” (by Patryk Karbowski)

Lanzhou, China - hotel lobby
Hotel lobby.
Lanzhou, China
Medical school.
Lanzhou, China
Conference room.
Lanzhou, China
Traditional medicine hospital.
Lanzhou, China -
City park.
Lanzhou, China
Official event souvenir in the city theater.
Dunhuang, China - cultural expo venue
Dunhuang, China – Cultural expo venue.
Dunhuang, China - wall painting at the street
Wall painting at the street.
Lanzhou, China - pharmaceutical factory PR Specialist
Lanzhou, China – Pharmaceutical factory PR Specialist.
Lanzhou, China -
University library.
Lanzhou, China -
City theater.
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