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International Photo Festival

Cortona: On The Move, international photo festival

© Daesung Lee
© Daesung Lee

The sixth edition of Cortona On The Move, international photography festival, will be open to the public from Thursday, July 14th, until Sunday, October 2nd.  More info… 

The festival, which takes place in the historic town centre of Cortona (Arezzo province, Italy) and the De Medici Fortress of Girifalco nearby, is curated by artistic director Arianna Rinaldo and organised by Associazione ONTHEMOVE.

The exhibition itinerary for this 2016 edition encompasses the single room occupancy for drug addicts of Family Love by Darcy Padilla, the tax havens of Paolo Woods and Grabriele Galimberti with their The Heavens, the gruesome war scenes of Lynsey Addario in It’s What I Do, and the American borderland photography of Lucas Foglia with his Frontcountry. Together with Daesung Lee, who won our Happiness On The Move 2015 award, we discover the desertification of Mongolia in Futuristic Archaeology, and with Rachael Papo‘s Homeschooled we take a look at North American children who prefer studying in their home environment rather than going to regular school. We take a trip with Mattia Zoppellaro and his Irish travelers in Appleby and get an insight into the barbaric practice of female genitalia mutilation in Uncut by Simona Ghizzoni. Meanwhile a project by Niccolò Rastrelli, in collaboration with SEI Toscana, is undergoing completion.    

And Cortona On The Move 2016 will be host to a unique event: The Larry Towell Show – the first European retrospective of this great Canadian photographer. 

Cortona On The Move gives 5 talented young photographers the opportunity to exhibit their work at the festival. This year hundreds of photographers from all over the world answered our call to participate in the OFF Circuit section. The 5 finalists are Anna Filipova, Gabriele Duchi, Giulia Mangione, Christian Werner and Sandra Hoyn. A further 10 were selected and their work will be projected during one of the festival’s opening nights. 

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