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Being Belong


Being Belong, photo essay by Hasan Hafiz

[A]ll the creatures in this world have a cherished desire to become important or belonging. They think that they belong to everything, they belong to be beautiful, they belong to be exceptional, they belong to be loved, belong to be exist. Being Belong is a story about how we all want to feel the belongingness. Deep down inside everyone every single creature in this world believe they belong to something more. This can be anything. Sometimes a little attention can feel them belonging. Being belong is not just about belong to someone. It’s also about belonging time, power, love, presence and life. It’s motional, emotional and surreal.




Immortality or death? Love or hatred? what we belong?

Beauty is a parameter. People want to stay beautiful as long as they alive. Some think they deserve the beauty. Are they? Are we know what we belong in this world. Belongingness is one kind of emotional selfishness. It’s really vague when someone is ruling on another bunch of people thinking it’s what he/she belong. (Hasan Hafiz)




Q&A with Hasan Hafiz

Photography is…
To me, Photography is the most powerful art medium. It can describe emotion along with visual. For me photography is an emotional journey. One can portray one’s feeling, desire, imagination, hope, love, regret through photography .

Photography and writing…
I would say Photography and writing are pretty much close. Sometime a photograph tells thousand words and sometimes a few words can make one imagine or feel exceedingly. Both express our inner inmost emotion and story of us.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
It is really hard to tell just one name. Trent Parke, this man’s work changed my view towards photography. Henri Cartier-Bresson, Fan Ho, Munem Wasif, Abir Abdullah they all left great impression me.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers?
My knowledge about photography is very little and i am still a learner. But one thing i would like to share that photography is more than just taking photographs, it’s a sensational journey that depicts how humanist we are or not.


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