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White Memories

White Fishes, 2016, Dhaka

White Memories, photo essay by Faysal Zaman

It scares me how memories have been whitening from myself. I can’t even make the comparisons anymore nor I don’t want to, it is contradictory. It is simply a fact of is and is no more remaining as it was. I’ve seen moments when I wish I could roll back the time and take me to past where I belong and where I want to be, but at the same time I felt that if I did, the past would not be similar. Memory remains mystery for me, I’m drowning in these white memories. Why these memories have been whitening? Is it because of those who left me alone! May be yes, may be no but I seek for answers. (Faysal Zaman)

Faded Leaves, 2015, Kuakata

My Buddy, 2015, Kuakata

Lone Tree, 2015, Kuakata

Me Alone, 2015, Kuakata

Faded Roots, 2015, Kuakata

Chilling with my Buddies, 2015, Kuakata

Finally I lost them, 2015, Kuakata

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Faysal Zaman

Faysal Zaman, 24, hailing from the metropolis of Dhaka. I reflected a varied personality including ambition and the quality of generosity and thoughtfulness. I’m also a well determined and vigorous individual, yet pleasantly calm. I believe photography is a language where I can express myself more comfortably and independently. My work is based on my personal feelings and surroundings. Currently I’m enrolled in Pathshala where I’m studying on photography and hope to continue my rest of life with this medium

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