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The city of Kobane photographed by Kai Wiedenhöfer

Photo exhibition: WarOnWall
Venue: Berlin Wall – WestSideGallery, Berlin, Germany from 23-06-2016 to 25-09-2016, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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For three month, the well-known German documentary photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer shows on a total length of 360 meters on the remains of the Berlin Wall his photographs from Syria. His exhibition, entitled „WarOnWall“, combines two projects which he photographed in the last two years. For „40 out of one million“ he portrayed victims of the Syrian Civil War in refugee camps in Jordan. A second series consists of panorama photographs from the devastated streets and urban areas in the Syrian-Kurdish city Kobane.

The big size of the prints on the Wall – the panorama photographs measure 3×9 meters – allow the viewer almost to emerge in the scenery. A lot of small details become visible because of the amazing printing quality and the high resolution photography. The victims are portrayed in a very sensitive way and combined with their personal testimonies the imagines strongly underline the big prize that the civilian population in Syria is paying for the War.

Khaled portrayed by Kai Wiedenhöfer
Khaled portrayed by Kai Wiedenhöfer

Kai Wiedenhöfer started out as a Documentary Photographer in the 1990s and gained international recognition because of his outstanding documentation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The results were published in two photobooks by Steidl Publishers.
In 2013 he already used the Berlin Wall for his project “WallOnWall”. He displayed back then photographs of barriers and borders worldwide like in in Cyprus, Israel/Palestine and Korea on the Wall.

The exhibition was organized and managed by the German Society for Humanistic Photography and funded by major German political foundations and institutions such as the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The exhibition is accompanied by a lecture program addressing political issue around the War in Syria. Part of the project is as well a fundraising campaign to provide the victims portrayed by Kai Wiedenhöfer with medical treatment.

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