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Life as wife

LIFE as WIFE, photo essay by Varadan Bathmanaban

[M]y dear sweetheart, as we are heading towards 14th year of togetherness as a happy married couple, there were countless moments of love, joy, trust, surprises, sad, tears, fear etc. we both shared together in our married life.

If I quickly run through these 13 years, all I realize is that how much blessed I am to have such a wonderful person as my life partner. But it doesn’t end there. The things I see and admire how much you are doing as a wife, the sacrifice, the indescribable pain, those sleepless nights, tireless work etc. has only proved that I did little and taken our life as granted. By realizing this, I thought of writing it with my camera instead of pen as it can be more appropriate to me to do so…

Al-Wakra, Qatar, April 2016 – Home maker
Al-Wakra, Qatar, April 2016 – Dedication for family hygiene
Dedication for family hygiene
Al-Wakra, Qatar, April 2016 – Thousand thoughts yet caged inside
Thousand thoughts yet caged inside
Al-Wakra, Qatar, April 2016 – Life means share
Life means share
Al-Wakra, Qatar, April 2016 – Mirror as the best friend
Mirror as the best friend

Here is my short work on what it takes for a woman to play a role as WIFE. Actually when I was doing this work you may not have had any idea of this outcome but I wish I could have done better job to reflect your inner part of the story well. All I can say that I have made an attempt to read through the pages of your life as WIFE. In fact I must admit that it has opened up my heart to feel your part of the story under more visible light now.

I wish and hope to take our journey to a better road to show our kid how to be a good husband to such a lovely wife. I take this opportunity dedicate this photo series to all those lovely hearted women playing such a divinity role as WIFE.

I also wish to extend my thanks Mathan Kumar who constantly encourages me, Sudhakar helping me completing this work and special thanks to my lovely kid capturing some nice clicks of us for this work.

I am not sure I have justified this story photographically but it’s my amateur attempt that in fact has opened up my heart to understand other part of my LIFE. (Varadan Bathmanaban)

Al-Wakra, Qatar, April 2016 – Her world is upside down
Her world is upside down
Al-Wakra, Qatar, April 2016 – Pain is unlimited and unseen
Pain is unlimited and unseen
Al-Wakra, Qatar, April 2016 – I can see you but in dark
I can see you but in dark
Al-Wakra, Qatar, April 2016 – I will be there
I will be there
Al-Wakra, Qatar, April 2016 – Recovery from depression, the yoga way
Recovery from depression, the yoga way
Al-Wakra, Qatar, April 2016 – Sweetheart

Q&A with Varadan Bathmanaban

Photography is…
Photography is my passion that allows me to observe my surroundings and express my inner feelings through this powerful medium of photography.

Photography and writing…
I started photography to document my kid’s day to day activities and now I realized that I can use this medium to document the social issues that is affecting our surroundings.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
I started watching closely magnum photographers master work and inspires me. My best photographic friend Mathan Kumar who constantly encourages me to explore more in to photography.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am an Engineering professional working in a MNC company here in Qatar. While most of my time occupied with work and family, trying to catch up some time during weekends to explore this powerful medium that takes me to different world. I would like to express the story of humans with light and shadow as most of our life falls between these two. I just started learning this documentary style and would like continue exploring it to document my surroundings.


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