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International Photo Festival

ImageSingulières festival

© Guillaume Herbaut. Chernobyl.
© Guillaume Herbaut. Chernobyl.

Photo festival: ImageSingulières
Location: Sète – France.
From the 4th of May until the 22nd of May, 2016.
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[C]reated in 2003, CéTàVOIR strives to enhance public awareness of documentary photography through commissioned photographers, book publications, the production and dissemination of exhibitions, but also actions aimed at raising awareness conducted in surrounding areas and with school children. Since 2009, it carries the festival ImageSingulières and, in 2011, it opened the doors of the Maison de l’Image Documentaire.

Documentary books are now commonplace, the very term documentary has been rejuvenated and now we must claim ownership of it. All of that reassures us in the decisions we have made regarding the creation of the ImageSingulières Festival, to discuss photography that would have meaning, content but also form. If bringing such a project to fruition is at times a calling at a time when the economy is still questionable, we would like to thank the town of Sète for its continued support.” (Gilles Favier, artistic director of ImageSingulières) Read more…

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