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How Bricks Are Made

Kolkata, India- February 2016. Digging out Clay
Kolkata, India- February 2016. Digging out Clay

How Bricks Are Made, photo essay by Akash Ganguly

[T]his photo essay focuses on the process of making bricks in India. Its more of a family show. Fathers dig the ground for clay which is transferred by their kids to their mothers. They shape the clay into bricks and then transfer those bricks into the kiln where it is baked. (Akash Ganguly)

Kolkata, India- February 2016. Transferring the Clay
Transferring the Clay
Kolkata, India- February 2016. Shaping the Clay
Shaping the Clay

Q&A with Akash Ganguly

Photography is…
Life is dynamic. We feel a certain moment for a fraction of time. But photography is something that helps us to hold the time and tell the story behind the moment. It helps us to concentrate , sit back and enjoy a moment as much as we want.

Photography and writing…
Many a times a photograph can have multiple meaning. But if a photographer wants to portray his point of view, then writing comes into play.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
There’s no such big photographer but the concept of photography itself helped me capture moment which can be lived again and again.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers?
I would like to suggest that do not ever take pictures at a go. First live in the moment. When you are done living the moment, then is the time to capture it.

Kolkata, India- February 2016. Transferring the bricks toward the kiln.
Transferring the bricks toward the kiln
Kolkata, India- February 2016. Relaying
Kolkata, India- February 2016. Disposing the broken Bricks
Disposing the broken bricks
Kolkata, India- February 2016. Bricks being dried in the sun.
Bricks being dried in the sun
Kolkata, India- February 2016. The final result.
The final result


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