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Photo Exhibition


Copyright Eniac Marínez

Photo exhibition: Ríos
Venue: Centro de la Imagen, México D.F., Mexico
from 16-03-2016 to 10-07-2016, Monday to Friday 10 a 18 h
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[M]exico is one of the biggest countries in Latin America with a great biodiversity and an incredible natural landscape. The well known Mexican documentary photographer Eniac Martínez dedicated a long term documentary project to the question of water and rivers in Mexico. The exhibition with the title Ríos is at display until July 2016 at the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City.

Since 2010 Eniac Martínez travelled through Mexico from North to South a long several of the most important rivers. He documents daily life along the rivers, people bathing and playing in the water or holding religious celebrations, as well as the use of the rivers for transportation and fishing. A big part of the project is dedicated to the environmental degradation of the Mexican rivers and the pollution as well as to the effects of drougths.

The exhibition at the Centro de la Imagen is located at the space hall of Mexicans most important photography museum and covers several halls. It is a mixture of black and white and color photographs in different formats. A small guide offered by the Museum gives a deeper insight into Martínez’ project. The images in the exhibition are displayed without captures in order to let the photographs speak for themselves.

The exhibition Ríos offers a complex and contradictory portrait of contemporary Mexico and let the visitor question the dealing of the human with natural resources. The effects of pollution are well documented and let no doubt, that there is a need for putting more effort into the protection of the environment.

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