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Photography workshop with Davide Monteleone in New York

©Davide Monteleone
© Davide Monteleone

Workshop: Photography workshop with Davide Monteleone in New York
Location: Photo Workshop New York, 550 Myrtle Ave, 11205 Brooklyn, United States
Official Website
Calendar: June 19-25 2016

From June 19 to June 25 2016, Davide Monteleone will lead the class in the exploration of the multiplicity of narratives that the city of New York offers, in order to build, day after day, for each student, a personal and original photo story.

In this workshop, Davide will discuss the possibility in contemporary documentary photographic practice and approaches, taking a deeper look at the long-term project practice in photography.

Starting from his personal experience, Davide will give an understanding of different forms of narratives and different ways of structuring work as well as strategy to efficiently produce the project.

Particular attention will be give to how ideas are born, the fundamental basis for the beginning of every project in photography.
Since ideas and concepts are crucial to the development of the documentary project, how is it possible to identify themes, motifs and issues that address and questions the societies we live in, on both the local and global level?

The ability to choose “a personal distance” is a key factor to succeed in nowadays’ market of documentary photography. To illustrate this, Davide will show his own working method, the evolution of his projects as well as other people’s projects. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the projects they have already produced or are working on and the workshop will act as a starting place for participants to identify and develop a critical perspective on creating original long term projects that can be developed beyond the workshop.

All information about the workshop can be found here.
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