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BRAHMANBARIA, BANGLADESH – December 2014. Animals being carried to the cities

Eudaimonia, photo essay by Aananda Antahleen

[T]he sculptures of daedalus will become lifeless. Crumble down like pillars of salt. The murder of Talos seemed futile. Infected acropolis.

Freudians suggest that even Sisyphus would find the meaning of death. Even for the most heinous of slave morality, the most disgraceful of the bourgeoisie qualms; there will be justice. Poisoned civilizations.

In the lifelong journey from deception to authenticity, life ceases to exist. On the very wings of Thanatos there will be resurrection. Monopolized justice.

Clocks don’t tick away time. Time melts. Spaces collapse. Existence is subjective. Only with pure justice time and space disintegrate. Validity is worthless.

A throat slitted bird gasps for its last allotted amount of oxygen. Chatterton’s suicide will go in vain. Death is the only justice. To humanize is divine. And death is apotheotic. (Aananda Antahleen)

DHAKA, BANGLADESH – October 2015. man by a window
DHAKA, BANGLADESH – December 2015. newly built flyover
DHAKA, BANGLADESH – July 2014. two men walking by
DHAKA, BANGLADESH – February 2015. dog at Suhrawardi park
DHAKA, BANGLADESH – January 2016. self portrait
COMILLA, BANGLADESH – December 2015. woman walking over a bridge
DHAKA, BANGLADESH – December 2014. Shilpokola Academy Dhaka
DHAKA, BANGLADESH – February 2016. man at Suhrawardi park
COMILLA, BANGLADESH – December 2015. cow at an abondoned field
DHAKA, BANGLADESH – February 2016. drug addict at Suhrawardi park
DHAKA, BANGLADESH – February 2016. ‘graffiti’ at Suhrawardi park
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