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Gypsy (Bede) the mysterious society!

Bhola,Bangladesh,November 2015.A Bede family living on a boat at Bhola in Bangladesh.

Gypsy (BEDE) the mysterious society!, photo essay by Rashed Oyshe.

[G]ypsy the mysterious society. In 1427 they appeared in the city of Paris. They travel around the world like vagabond. They introduced themselves as Egyptian. In 1905 they came here in South Asia because of good jobs. In Bangladesh they are known as Bede. Bede means vagabond or traveler. Bangladesh is a riverine country which is why they live in the rivers and use boats as their main transportation. According to the department of the society service. There are 8 lakhs Bede here in Bangladesh.

I have worked on this project on Bede society for last one year. I am very much interested about the society of Bede.

I have noticed that the life style of Bede society in quite different than the normal society. Usually the women of the Bede society gives much efforts to the work than man. Women gets much independence than man. Because they are income source of their family. They do different types work like selling drugs ,playing snakes, singer paff, body tattoos for earning. Bede women loves their husband very much. Husband usually look after the children and do the household work.

Bede women loves to dressing and make up. They do this type of dress up to catch the eye of the people. So they can sell their products.

I have worked on their project on Bede society for last one year. I am very much interested in those people and their lifestyle. I found it very mysterious. I have travelled so many places here in Bangladesh like Dhaka, Bhola, Khulna where they live in.

My working process is all about my field research into the history of this particular community. There was a time when many cinemas were produced on Bede society here in Bangladesh. “Bede Meyer Josna” was one of the most blockbuster hit movie in both Bangladesh and Kolkata .Usually Bede people religion in Islam. But they have no orthodoxy about the religion. They often complain that nobody look after themselves in the society. Their children do not get the fundamental rights from the government. They are deprived from education. I have started following Rupa and a few others in the Bede society. One day I asked her “Do you go to the school?” She replied me “what will happen if I go to school.” Some other tells me that “they are discriminated by the society and often we are tortured.” They are becoming a burden to the society day by day.

I want to shoot this project in India over the period of 2016. I would like to make it large. However I found the inspiration every here and there from the Bede society through my work. I am hoping that this people will get their fundamental rights. Photography has the power to challenge this social discrimination and change the society of Bede. I wish and hope that my work will help the Bede society to find a good place to live what they want. (Rashed Oyshe)

Bhola,Bangladesh, September 2015. A Bede woman was standing besides her home ! and she is looking at her future.
Bhola , Bangladesh,November 2015.A whole family of “Bede” where a bede man does the household works and one of his kids is sleeping and others are playing.
Bhola , Bangladesh , November 2015. A “Bede” woman feeding her child and she is taking rest after all day of works.\
Bhola , Bangladesh,September 2015. A new born baby in the “Bede” society. All the attention of the family goes to this baby and other kids always look after the baby
Bhola,Bangladesh,November 2015. A young boy in “Bede” society collecting water for the household work.
Bhola,Bangladesh,October 2015.Two bede woman taking preparation for making food ! usually “Bede” woman does not get any chance to make food for their family because of their types of work.When they got a chance to make food for their it becomes an occasion in “Bede” society
Bhola,Bangladesh,October 2015.A “Bede” man making food for their family. Usually in the “Bede” society man does the household work like cooking , washing cloth ,cleaning house.
Bhola,Bangladesh,September 2015. Two “Bede” people taking their bath in nearby pond.
Bhola,Bangladesh,November 2015. A “Bede” young girl taking her lunch seating outside of her house.
Bhola ,Bangladesh,August 2015. In the “Bede” Society people enjoy their leisure time by playing cards.
Bhola,Bangladesh,October 2015. A “Bede” man taking his super and his girl is sleeping besides him.


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