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Park Life

Dhaka,Bangladesh-August 2015.Some school kids were waiting outside of the main gate of the park to enter inside.

Park Life, photo essay by Najmul Nahid

[A]musement park is place where usually kids come with theirs parents to pass a good time. Its a place of joy for them. There are also some homeless kids, street dogs, hawkers, to whom the park is like home. Park has also different stories of different souls. Except happiness there are also other emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt. These things come to us when we are at a distance from the too much busy life. We all want to fly away from the reality for some moment. We don’t have much time to think about life. The wall of the park gives us the space of thought.Some people find peace, some find tears, some are lost in deep darkness…

We all are Lonely in our own way,
We all are lonely.
She hides behind the children ,and He?who the hell knows?
they all are lonely.
Sometimes,we are like light and sometimes like dust,
flying away from everything just like the bird.
The 13 year old had a girlfriend,
Now a days he is also lonely.
The brothers who had no mother,
Are also lonely.

I run from the time , you from the thoughts (may be)
YES, we all are lonely………………….. 🙂

Dhaka,Bangladesh-August 2015.The teenage boy was upset,because his new girlfriend did not came.He was asking for a portrait,so that he could show that to his girl friend.
Dhaka,Bangladesh-November 2015.Two homeless brothers were roaming around the park.They live right beside of the park,the park is like their second home.
Dhaka,Bangladesh-August 2015.Street children were playing in front of the park.One of them was climbing to the top of the gate of the park.
Dhaka,Bangladesh-September 2015.A hawker kid was hanging just for fun.He sells nuts,flowers in the park.
Dhaka,Bangladesh-September 2015.A mother was sitting silently on a rocking cradle and her son was swinging another cradle behind her.
Dhaka,Bangladesh-September 2015.A mother was trying hard to get a perfect photograph of her child.
Dhaka,Bangladesh-September 2015.Hawkers were playing with the handmade birds to convince the customers.
Dhaka,Bangladesh-September 2015.A lonely guy was sitting on a corner and talking to someone in the phone for long time.
Dhaka,Bangladesh-August 2015.Kids were returning home with balloon in their hand.
Dhaka, Bangladesh – August 2015. A street dog, in front of a car’s light parked in the car parking area.
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