Out Of the Blue

Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14.Girls taking Photos in the beach

Out Of the Blue, photo essay by Kaisar Ahamed

I did not want to explore Coxbazar as the longest sea beach of the world, but I can definitely say I’ve found the largest diversity of people.

It’s all happening on one long strip; teenage girls, family, corporate attires, elderly people, open and conservatives all gather in front of the blue and behave almost the same.
It was an absolute escape from reality and the energy was irresistible….

Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14. Family taking selfie in the beach.
Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14.Chinese man practicing karate in the Beach.
Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14. Two friends having fun in the Sea beach .
Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14. Madrasa Boys having fun with water in the beach
Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14.Girls playing with water.
Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14.Young boys taking selfie in the sea beach.
Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14.Boys wearing musk and taking pictures.
Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14. Corporate people on the beach
Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14.Honeymoon couple on the sea beach .
Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14.Middle age Man on the sea beach
Coxbazar,Bangladesh-April 14.Young boys going bath on the sea beach .