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Fort in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

IN, photo essay by Sergey Poteryaev

Mughals, British crown, modernity. India has chewed and thrown away. All she needed she had kept inside.
Attitude to sex, religion, habits and custom always saved, whoever was in power in the country. Even tourists are changing just the tip of the iceberg.

Q&A with Sergey Poteryaev

Photography is…
It is all world and nothing at the same time. Photography can tell about everything or keep calm.

Photography and writing…
They influence each other, adding and playing in one team.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
I really like old Russian photographers. For example: Prokudin-Gorsky

Tell us a little about yourself
Photography is a part of art world. In my practice I use different kind of media: audio, sculpture, video etc. I like to work with mythology of my region. But this project is about totally another theme. I hope you like it.

A woman bared her breasts on the beach in Maharashtra

Web beside the road in the non-touristic part of Goa
The west coast of India. Alleppey (Kerala)
Men sailing on a boat near Jaipur
Russian girl who lives in the state of Goa
Bed sheets on one of the beds in the hotel in Mumbai
Stone near the beach in Maharashtra
Girl swims in the sea on the beach in Mumbai
The man on the rail at the entrance to the city of Varanasi
East Coast of India. City Pondicherry (Tamil Nadu)
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