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Gopal: Akhara and Beyond

Gopal in his room.

Gopal: Akhara and Beyond, photo essay by Piyush Nagpal

[M]y story focuses on a wrestler I’ve covered over a period of three months. Through pictures I’ve tried to establish his routine, struggle, problems and little moments of happiness that he shares with his friends during short periods of break from his hectic schedule.
He practices in the Akhara in the morning, heads out for college from there, goes to his father’s shop to support his family financially and studies at home at night.
Every once in a while he participates in Dangals with the hope of winning a title or at least some cash prize.

Fun time at the Akhara
Time with friends is well spent at the Akhara
Through his mother’s eyes
His shop. Everything other than wrestling is gloom.
The gaze
A friendly bout
Coach and his adventures
Practice and Pain
The Judgement Day
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