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Going out of Business

A closed down video club in Filippou Str, Thessaloniki, Greece

Going out of Business, photo essay by Georgios Makkas

[W]ith Greece in its 6th year of recession, tens of thousands of small businesses have been forced to close and many more are likely to go the same way.
The Greek economy has shrunk by 25% in the last 5 years and this economic pressure is highly visible in many towns where up to half of all high street shops have closed.
Many of these shops were run by generations of merchants and with their closure an element of post-war Greek society – the family run store – is dying.

A closed down electrical equipment shop from the 1980s in Ioannina, Greece
A closed down paper-shop in Anexartisias Str, Ioannina, Greece
A closed photocopy shop in Plateia Theatrou, Athens, Greece
A closed down shop in Athens, Greece. The sign reads “Dressmaking Accessories- Mihalopoulos”
A closed down paper shop in Kleisthenous Str Athens, Greece
A closed down stationery and printing shop in Ag Konstantinou Str, Athens, Greece
A closed down garage in Polizoidi Str, Thessaloniki, Greece
A closed down betting shop in K. Kartali Str, Volos, Greece
A closed down shop in Perikleous Str, Athens, Greece
A closed down bookshop in Pittakou Str, Mytilini, Greece
A closed down tyres shop in Vakchou Str, Thessaloniki, Greece

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