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Photo Exhibition

Israeli photojournalism competition “Local Testimony”

Palestinian women dismayed at the sight of the house of the Dawabsheh family, Duma village, south of Nablus, 3 August 2015. Photo: MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP

Photo exhibition: Israeli photojournalism competition “Local Testimony”
Venue: Eretz Israel Museum, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
from 10-12-2015 to 16-01-2016, Sunday-Wednesday: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Thursday: 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday: 10 a.m -4 p.m.
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[I]srael has a very lively photojournalism scene with a lot of good and internationally known photographers. The showcase of the best works from the region is the yearly photojournalism competition “Local Testimony”. The Winners of the 2015 competition have been announced at the beginning of December and their work will be displayed until Mid of January at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. „Local Testimony“ is a very unique platform that showcases through photojournalism and documentary photography events and stories in Israel in a different manner from what we usually encounter in the media.

The Israeli photo of the Year 2015 was taken by Menahem Kahana, a veteran of Israeli press photography that works for the French Agency AFP. His picture shows Palestinian women dismayed in a room of the house of the Palestinian family Dawabsheh three days after the house was torched by Jewish Extremists. The reason for choosing the image was explained by the jury member Vardi Kahana: “The photograph expresses in one image, not only the shock, the sorrow, and the pain over the family members, who were burnt to death, but also the horror from the extremists, whose actions will push us all into the abyss.”

For this years competition around 7.000 photographs from more then 300 photographers were submitted. Photographers have been awarded in the categories News, Nature and the Environment, Religion and Community, Urbanism and Culture, Sports and the Photographed Story. Most of the photographers that participated are Jewish Israeli. Due to political reasons Palestinian photographers refrain from participating. The exhibition was curated by the internationally known Israeli photographer Vardi Kahana. The exhibition and the award was initiated by Dana Wohlfeiler-Leikin, who has been managing the project since its inception.

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Felix Koltermann

Felix Koltermann is a German freelance journalist and photography critic. His main fields of interest are documentary photography and photojournalism. He is about to finish a PhD project at the University of Erfurt about photojournalism in Israel/Palestine. He holds an university degree in Photography from the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund and a masters degree in Peace and Security Studies from the IFSH in Hamburg.

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