Wloclawek, Poland – April 2014. Heating Plant.

Halfway, photo essay by Patryk Karbowski.
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A middle-sized city in the center of Poland, halfway between the mountains and the Baltic Sea. Neither rich, nor really poor, with a typical history of a region’s industrial capital which blossomed in the time of state socialism and lost that position after 1989. Such places evolve in a very special way.

With advancements in technology and funds from the European Union, the look of both the city and the people has been changing. But still, both remain a medley of the past they come from and the effects of modernization, influenced by the local mentality. A halfway state, in between present and past, between east and west, between here and now.
“Halfway” has been published as a book by the Instytut Kultury Wizualnej in Warsaw. (Patryk Karbowski)

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Wloclawek, Poland – May 2009. Exhibition on new industrial zone at the town festival.

Wloclawek, Poland – October 2013. Block of flats

Wloclawek, Poland – September 2013. City Hall.

Wloclawek, Poland – June 2014. Race at a city festival.

Wloclawek, Poland – January 2011. A room at the cultural centre prepared for the carnival party.

Wloclawek, Poland – September 2013. A woman at the bus stop photographing the timetable.

Wloclawek, Poland – March 2013. Preparations for the boardgame championships at the cultural centre.

Wloclawek, Poland – May 2014. Computer gaming championships at tech school.

Wloclawek, Poland – September 2013. Hotel garden.

Wloclawek, Poland – January 2014. Queue at Butcher’s.

Wloclawek, Poland – January 2015. Newly rebuilt road.



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