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Chouf Chouf Chebab

Chouf Chouf Chebab, photo essay by Giovanni Ambrosio

Chouf Chouf Chebab is coming from my trip to Israel/Palestine during the last summer, working for the Mucem Museum in Marseille, France, which sent me to tell about football passion for an incoming exhibition.
My point, with this series, is to try to tell something about those countries without saying too much.

This is the text of the series:
Chouf chouf / shebab / the nameless city / le città viste dall’alto / the endless city / le poids du monde / les épaules / welcome to P. / what’s your name? / where are you from? / how old are you? / welcome to I. / enjoy / chai café cigarette drink eat / who are you? / no photo please / would like to come back to H. / to the sea I have never seen / photo my friend / choukran / no service taxi / welcome to P. / what’s your name? / where are you from? / how old are you? / welcome to I. / enjoy / not to forget / why are you here? / it is not healthy too warm / massalama / play football don’t you? / say bonjour to french journalist / passeport please / any gift from other people? / exit permit / iani / they are doing everything wrong / arabic salade / you guys on a boys trip? / meet abou natiell / meet another silent slave / curva white / welcome to H. / the next bus to K. A.? / where exactly in J.? / welcome to P. / what’s your name? / where are you from? / how old are you? / welcome to I. / enjoy / was born in B. / speak arabic speak french / speak italian speak portuguese / speak english / got a house in N. / Umm Kulthum / appears in the stadium / appears also in Z. late night / you are too polite / you need drugs? / we will miss you / avanti / eggplants / take us to the stadium please / unité de production / tecnica d’acciaio / muslim? / don’t go! / captain Hani / play drums / soon to be in N. Y. / fake blu eyes / would like to build a real theatre / welcome to P. / what’s your name? / where are you from? / how old are you? / welcome to I. / enjoy / nice bike / sorry no arabic / I’ll take you to the airport / fresh lemonade / hot water / how much for empty bottles / we have a donkey / school starts tomorrow / got to ask for taxi driver names / like this music? / tattoos / so chi è M. V. / my nephew speaks english / married? / no you can’t pay the dinner / welcome to P. / what’s your name? / where are you from? / how old are you? / welcome to I. / enjoy / chouf chouf / shebab / nell’alto dei giorni immobili / o le domeniche / alla periferia dell’impero.

Q&A with Giovanni Ambrosio

Photography is…
I’m not interested in defining it. I don’t even believe in an ontology of photography.
I often keep in mind this Luigi Ghirri’s quote: photography is a way to establish a relationship with the world. I know why I use photography: it is easy, with a total permanent rudimentary inaccuracy, it is full of misunderstandings and one can hide thing with it.

Photography and writing…
They are both matters (materie), at the same level. Like sacks, coal, coffee, gas, paper, ash, fire and so on. They are also tools.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
Henry Miller and Marcel Duchamp when I was in my twenties, later I have been deeply impressed by an exhibition of Monica Bonvicini ans Tom Burr in Basel. In last years Luigi Ghirri and Michel De Certau’s book L’invention du quotidien had a strong impact on me.

Tell us a little about yourself
I’m based in Paris, I like the feeling of being a stranger, I like to go beyond thresholds. I work on photography and graphic design assignments (studio) using my own categories: stage, space, portraits, stories. On the other hand, I focus on my personal projects, works based on classic genres of photography (effigies, sputum, argumenta, naturae mortae…).

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Giovanni Ambrosio

Visual artist and photographer. My body of works is mainly based on photography, minimalist painting, gesture, papers, objects, writing, found writing footage, video, walking, performance writing, digital composition, sounds and music. As associate artist, with theatre and performance artists groups and indiduals, I am engaged in a performative and documentary practice of stage photography.

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