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Athens – City of Loneliness

Athens – City of Loneliness, photo essay by Anargyros Drolapas.
Your EUrope Greece

[A]thens has become a city full of loneliness. Our city’s dark side emerged like being in a sickness period or mourning. Current era is still changing, or rather transformed into something else, more complex as a result of a continuous osmosis.
Today, however, Athens presents this mental landscape. It has the colour of a permanent standby, but also trust that nothing can be as before. Perhaps in the future when this difficult period we are living has elapsed, counting the time before and after the crisis, as it would be after wars or famines.

This snapshot of our current situation is the feeling of a constant depreciation and not the after effect of an explosion. It has the characteristics of an insidious pass that goes life in other coordinates, initially uncertain, volatile, shallow and unbecoming.
Addiction and familiarity with the change of urban life hypnotizes us and leads us to the assumption that each one of us is forced to surrender in front of the inevitable.
It is a confession of realism. But just as in the condition of the assumption, urban loneliness, the loneliness of the passers and the belief that the mess we are into is transient, give us the feeling that what we live now tastes bitter and feels like moving to another era. (Anargyros Drolapas)

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