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Transeo – photo essay by Paul Hennebelle

PAIMPOL, FRANCE – march 2015. Hail storm as I was walking somewhere in Bretagne.
Transeo, photo essay by Paul Hennebelle

This is exactly what characterizes the identity of each : complex, unique, irreplaceable, not merging with any other. (Amin Maalouf)

[T]he successive moves of my childhood have erased all ties that I could have with the territory. To be from everywhere is also to be from nowhere.
Transeo is transit from one location to another. It is also the diary of the elements composing myself, people that make me be who I am , moments that make me feel at home. (Paul Hennebelle)

Q&A with Paul Hennebelle

Photography is…
Photography is the easiest way for me to talk. It’s a tool to live with more intensity, to live a certain magic. What interests me is to capture something that I feel, rather that something that I see. I’m not really interested by reality, a picture has its own reality.

Photography and writing…
I’m a photographer because I’m not good enough to be a writer.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
I always have been fascinated by photographers who transform tragedies in their life into pictures, like Robert Frank and Josef Koudelka. Also discovering the work of Klavdij Sluban was a turning point into my apprehension of photography. I draw the rest of my inspiration in folk/rock music.

Tell us a little about yourself
I’m currently finishing my last year in photography school in Bruxelles (l’ESA le 75). With 3 good photographer friends, we are doing a documentary project about the french flanders wich will result in a book and an exhibition. I’m still developping personnal projects on the side.

MOUSCRON, BELGIUM – may 2015. My parents holding each other.
TOURNAI, BELGIUM – april 2015. A tree.
BRETAGNE, FRANCE – march 2015. Cloudy day in Bretagne.
BRUXELLES, BELGIUM – 2015. My girlfriend in our home in Bruxelles.
MOUSCRON, BELGIUM – april 2015. Benjamin, my ancestor.
BRUXELLES, BELGIUM – june 2015. My sister somewhere in Bruxelles.
PAIMPOL, FRANCE – march 2015. A tree in Bretagne.
BRUXELLES, BELGIUM – january 2015. My girlfriend in bed.
BRUXELLES, BELGIUM – december 2014. Footsteps in the snow in Bruxelles.
ROUBAIX, FRANCE – february 2015. My father showing me the house where he grew up.
MOUSCRON, BELGIUM – june 2015. Horace, my dog, and my father.
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