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Juan Manuel Castro Prieto “Peru, the Sacred Valley”

© Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

From August 29 to September 13, 2015 at Visa pour l’image in Perpignan.
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In 1990, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto packed his black & white gear and set off for Peru to do enlarged versions of shots by the great Martín Chambi. He has since made many more trips to the country which is still a source of wonderment for him. The exhibition shows him following in the footsteps of Martín Chambi, the photographer he admires so much, using a large format view camera, exploring sites photographed by the master, seeking to understand his fascination for the Andes and the influence on his work and life.

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto was born in 1958 in Madrid where he currently lives. He is represented by Gallery VU’. After resurrecting the work of thirties portrait photographer, Martin Chambi, by creating prints from glass plates in Cuzco, Prieto developed a passion for Peru. Ten years later, he crossed the country on a “journey to the sun,” where he finely and artistically portrayed his tenderness for the people, the beauty of the landscape, his curiosity for an often unspoiled culture, and the poverty accompanying this condition.

Today he mostly works with colour by using the highly personal tonality of Ethiopia and India to create visions that are both mental and based upon a troubling realism, a form of travel, between dream and materiality, like on the delicacy of impossible shades.

Castro Prieto has become a major photographer and currently continues to work on personal projects which tackle the themes of memory and intimacy.



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