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Shadows Of Loneliness…

Shadows Of Loneliness, © Rakib Boby
Shadows Of Loneliness, © Rakib Boby

23/02/2015  Mymensingh, Bangladesh Rakib Boby

[T]here is light in the shadow just as there is shadow in the light. the shadow hold it’s own muted allure and of both shades, there are songs and dances and revelry and sorrow.


Rakib Boby

Rakib Boby (1994) is a self taught freelance Photographer, Cinematographer and Film Producer based in Bangladesh. His films are acclaimed in international festivals. And his film 'The Presence of time' winner of the 'Viewers Choice award' at Toronto Urban Film festival 2016. He completed graduation on Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE).

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