Claudine Doury “Between documentary & fiction”

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10-15 August 2015 during the Rencontres de la Photographie in historical centre of Arles, near the arenas. More info… 

Claudine Doury’s workshop is about using reality in the service of fiction. It will involve thinking about ways of interacting with reality in order to tell a story.
Participants will be asked to compose a fictional narrative based on their own way of seeing things and their interests and obsessions, using natural surroundings and the spirit of the place.
The idea is to sketch out a project that fits with each person’s own background and what they hope to fulfil, and that makes use of their own experiences while focusing on their wishes and secret desires. Claudine Doury will help each participant with their story and work with them to find a thread that draws it all together.

Claudine Doury has been a member of the Vu agency since 1991. Before becoming a photographer, she was a picture editor for the Gamma agency, then the Contact agency in New York and Libération, the Paris daily.
She works for many different magazines and has published a number of books including Artek, un Eté en Crimée (La Martinière), Peuples de Sibérie (Seuil), Loulan Beauty (éditions du Chêne) and Sasha (Le Caillou Bleu).



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