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Large Format Photography


Workshop Large Format Photography 4X5 & 8X10 negative exposure, development and contact printing.
Main Location: Via della Miniera, 10, Loc. Miniera, Urbino 61029, Italy | Official Website | Calendar: August 4th-14th 

A photography class dedicated to people fascinated by the use of large format cameras and passionate about the traditional silver gelatine process.

This course is organised in ten days and will bring the students to understand in depth the use of large format cameras, how to expose film using a spot light-meter, how to develop 4×5 and 8×10 negatives in trays (using different developers and developing systems) and how to contact print them on fine art fibre based paper to get the best results from the negatives produced by the students.
Image analysis sessions will be planned every day.

There will be presentations and discussions to gain familiarity with the critical and theoretical debates surrounding large format photography in general and the contact printing technique in particular.
This course is based on the Ansel Adams’ zone system theory.

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