From Shades to Tones

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From Shades to Tones, photo essay by Oleksiy Gudzovsky

Often forming the vision of the world, people and life we come from confidence, joy and hope to uncomfortable feelings of disappointment, sick and fear. Trying to tell a kid our way to see people we come to the black spots on a white paper. Black on white after the colorful picture.
Let’s try the opposite side!

First of all we have to see a beauty in the black spots and white background. There are lots of shades between black and white. And not only grey. “Grey” is too less to describe all the world even if it’s between black and white. We need shades.
Now let’s make few steps. Only one step to the color after every multi-shades picture of life. One step to move. One step to see. One step to feel. One step to understand. One step… to love?
Step by me 😉

Red Lace
Escape from Disneyland
Calm Water
Sailing round Lokrum
In Focus
Another Wings
Half Infinity
Ice Cream
What’s Next?

Q&A with Oleksiy Gudzovsky

Photography is…
Photography is quintessential modern actual art. It’s absolutely natural and available way for any creative or just not indifferent person to realize his idea or vision.

Photography and writing…
Comparing photography and writing we can see many parallels in the way of becoming of these arts. After time of being a documentary and informative techniques they become powerful arts with lots of genres and unlimited perspectives of evolution.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
I’m always looking for new interesting examples in the context of art photography – in the past and between modern artists. Last bright impression I got from works by young Miriam Valle, Spain.

Tell us a little about yourself
Speaking about myself and photography I can say that I love this art. I visit many exhibitions and browse specific sites. And I shoot, shoot and shoot. I shoot for business at my studios and shoot for realizing my ideas at streets and other plain-air locations. Making a staging portrait I can work on the post processing for weeks, adding some strokes every day or returning to the work in a week. Once I realized that this style of working is similar to classic masters way to paint. It always makes me to smile and to see the orienteers in professional growing.

gudzovskyOleksiy Gudzovsky (website). Ukrainian artist, works in professional photography since 2000. Started to experiment with lots of art styles he came to his own shooting and post processing technique. His statement includes personal and group exhibitions, galleries representation and publication. His works are in personal collections in Europe and Russia.



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