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Nenka Ukraine

Shestovitsa Village 2012
Nenka Ukraine, photo essay by Dina Oganova

It was 2009 when i went first time in Kiev (capital) of Ukraine and was totally in love with this amazing country and lovely people. I think Ukrainians and Georgians has a lot of common. 2014 was the hardest and sadness year for this beautiful country, but at the same time I was so proud of them,because they were fighting for their independent, for their European choose.
During the war, Ukraine already lost one of her “sunny and sea” part Crimea and it’s become independent, as in 1992-1993 Georgia lost her part Abkhazia… War with Russia is still continue in the west of Ukraine… Politics… but this is all about my Ukraine, daily life of the ordinary people. Country where I feel myself as comfortable as I’m at home.
P.S. “Nenka” in Ukrainian means Mother, so this is about my Mother Ukraine.

Kiev,People in metro are going to euromaidan 2014
Crimea/Feodosia 2013
Chernobil 2009
Crimea 2013
Shestovitsya Village 2012
Shestovitsya Village 2012
Painting in chernobil 2009
Kiev 2010
Kiev new year 2014 with crazy band dakh daughters
Kiev 2011

Q&A with Dina Oganova

Photography is…
Strange question… for me photography is… Freedom, Love, Life

Photography and writing…
Two necessary things.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
Hm… a lot of photographers, a lot of directors of photography, People I love

DinaOganovaDina Oganova (DIKARKA), 1987, Georgia.
“I’m from beautiful country, Georgia and I’m freelance documentary photographer.”
(Dikarka is the nick name, in Russian it means Wild Girl)


PRIVATE [ photography & writing ]

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