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Loudblast inside

Loos en Goelle, France – september 2014. Stéphane, guitars and vocals, before the crowd of fans during Loudblast concert at the Gohellefest.
Loudblast inside, photo essay by Moland Fengkov

They are the oldest french death metal band. Loudblast is a band that lasts for many years in a country where mass media are not that interested in heavy metal music. Yet, the Hellfest is one of the biggest music festivals in France, sold out many months before its opening.

This story describes the every day life of the band, before and after the concerts, on the road, backstage. It tries to show the atmosphere of a tribe, a big family not only composed by the musicians but also by all the people who work with them, during the off moments. In 2015, Loudblast celebrate its 30th anniversary, after an European tour.

Paris, France – april 2014. The members of the Loudblast crew store the instruments before going by van to a festival.
Paris, France – april 2014. Hervé, drums, ready to go.
Paris, France – may 2014. Alex, driver, checks his GPS.
Mantes la Jolie, France – april 2014. Catering : during the dinner time, provided by the hosts of the festival, the members enjoy some relaxed moments.
Loos en Goelle, France – september 2014. The sound control desk, in a gym hall, where the Gohellefest takes place.
Lille, France – september 2014. Drakhian, guitars, tries an expensive acoustic guitar in the biggest guitars shop of Lille, northern France, after Loudblast showcase.
Loos en Goelle, France – september 2014. Backstage.
Jarny, France – may 2014. A few minutes before going on stage, at the Los Lezardos metal festival.
Oignies, France – april 2014. Storing the instruments looks like a Tetris game.
Jarny, France – may 2014. After the concerts, the band and their friends usually relax in the rooms of their hotel.
Jarny, France – may 2014. A fan having a nap in a bush during one the concerts of Los Lezardos metal festival.

Q&A with Moland Fengkov

Photography is…
A way to fight against the lost memories, and a way to show things most of people can’t see easily.

Photography and writing…
A photograph means nothing without the captions, and especially the writing of a story that gives more informations about the point of view, the context of the story.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
Too many people. Great photographers are legions, so just picking up a name is not enough.

Tell us a little about yourself
I feel myself like belonging to anywhere, because I’m from vietnam, born in Laos and living in France. That’s maybe the reason why I’m interested in communities, with their own rules.

Moland FengkovMoland Fengkov (website), born in Laos, 1973, living in France since I’m 2 years old, I started to work as a journalist writer, before becoming a photoreporter. My work is based on communities and their own rules, like heavy metal tribes, homeless people living together on a boat, thai soldiers or casts of Cannes Festival. I travelled many times in south east Asia. Now I belong to Haytham Pictures agency.

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