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Photo Exhibition

I Live Like You

Photo exhibition I Live Like You
Venue details: Church of St. Biagio Maggiore, via San Gregorio Armeno 35-39, 80138 Napoli, Italy | Official Website: www.domusmemini.com | Event date: from 19-03-2015 to 02-04-2015 | Opening hours Tue. – Sat.: 10 am – 1 pm; 4 – 7 pm; Sundays: 10 am – 1 pm; Mondays: Closed

A visual inception to start narrating this paradise inhabited by devils, from ten different photographic and generational perspectives.

Following the recent clamorous public wave of reactions to renowned Neapolitan musician Pino Daniele’s sudden death, numerous have been the local cultural deputies announcing new events, to his memory dedicated, soon to be planned during the year. Nonetheless, the upcoming display of photographic works, completely inspired to Pino Daniele and his disenchanted humanizing vision of Naples and its citizens, was spontaneously born from a diversified group of fellow independent photographers and music lovers.

The exhibition Io vivo come te (I Live Like You) is firstly meant to celebrate Pino Daniele and his art on what should have been his sixtieth birthday (March 19, 2015). A visual inception to start narrating this paradise inhabited by devils, from ten different photographic and generational perspectives. Sixty photographic images for ten photographers then, ten independently chosen Daniele’s songs, narrated through personal interpretations, inspirations and views. A simple way to depict the story of a city through differently representative microcosmos, equally expressive of the same place and its multilayered souls. An anti-stereotypical collection of short stories from Naples then; but born with Pino Daniele’s music and aimed to stay intertwined with it -also during March nineteen’s opening, characterized by live music covers interpreted by well-known local and international musicians (Raiz, Enzo Avitabile, …).

Born from an idea by photographer Francesco Ciotola, the project is supported by cultural association Domus Memini and curated by the same Francesco Ciotola, together with Luigi Fedullo, Mario Spada and Angela Verrastro.

Interesting and unique is the way in which, in the lapse of few days to its opening, the upcoming event has suddenly gathered a wider consensus, which has quickly transformed an isolated exhibition into a wider music and cultural event. All of a sudden, there are growing numbers of happenings dedicated to the artist -all interconnected and mingled among them. Because homaging Pino Daniele, in this part of the world, means paying a concrete tribute to those moods, attitudes and behaviors he has been representing since the end of 70s. Notwithstanding any of his personal choices, he has epitomized the random caldron of social excesses and hardships, traumatic and post-traumatic psychologies, urban and socio-cultural destructions and reconstructions, as the obtrusions to them, which has been characterizing “Napoli” for decades. Then he finally embodied that sorrowful shared need to escape from here and rebuild a life out of this beloved-and-hated Napoli. Also in this way, he represented an immense crowd of exhausted citizens who felt left with no hope.

Pino Daniele came from the street and, from there, talked to it as to an undifferentiated magmatic audience of fans, from any social and cultural class. Then it is not surprising to verify such a general consensus for this simply effective homage. It shows, again, a problematic urge to re-define the place and create a new idea of local culture, to revive a newborn idea of citizenship and, maybe, a human society still worth living in.

On March 18, 6 pm, at Asilo Filangieri, there will be a Press Conference, organized by Center for Independent Photography.
Every exhibiting author will then introduce his photographic series dedicated to Pino Daniele’s Napoli, through a slideshow.
Afterwards, there will be held a public debate with audience and journalists.

Photographers on display: Pasquale Autiero, Stefano Cardone, Francesco Ciotola, Luigi Fedullo, Biagio Ippolito, Claudio Morelli, Roberto Salomone, Mario Spada, Daniele Veneri, Eduardo Castaldo.

On March 19, opening day, the photographic works will be visible on a QR-Code gallery, available to communities of Neapolitans abroad, in order to let them meet with their hometown.

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Sabrina Merolla

Sabrina Merolla 1977, Italy. Free-lance photographer, sinologist and multimedia story-teller living between China and Italy. Her personal projects have mainly focused on contemporary China… More »

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